Writing a book in three weeks, and other miracles.

I thought it would kill me. It seemed like a great idea when I started…. No scratch that. It seemed like a great idea before I started. Back in July, I looked at a calendar and wondered by when I’d be finished the first draft of Written in the Sky, the fourth book in myContinue reading “Writing a book in three weeks, and other miracles.”

Finding God on the holidays

I always find God in the holidays. That might appear self-evident, but it’s not. In the middle of the cooking, cleaning, gift buying, child entertaining marathon, God can easily get stuffed on the back burner. This year I forgot the brisket. We always have brisket and I just didn’t buy it. Instead we had theContinue reading “Finding God on the holidays”

Wait is the hardest answer

 My mother always says that God has three answers; Yes, No and Wait. Wait is the hardest. And I’ve been waiting, and waiting and waiting, for the third book in my YA fantasy series (The Palace Saga) to come out. First I wrote it. That part is a bit like giving birth, at first youContinue reading “Wait is the hardest answer”

And the Lord said…..

I was sitting staring out of the bus window, because I live in a place where public transport is easier than owning a car (so not LA.) The scenery was passing by and my mind was blank. And then it came…. The voice of God. It was moderately surprising. But, as it was not theContinue reading “And the Lord said…..”