When good things happen

Camp in the Shadow - 3DIt’s like when I met my husband. It was wonderful, a whirlwind, full of frantic joy, and slight trepidation. When the big moment came and he looked me in the eyes and asked if I’d marry him, I was totally ready to smile in mock surprise and accept. (Because, honestly, it was a done deal well before he came out and asked.)

Then I planned a wedding. And was consumed with dresses, halls, photographers, bands and all the other things that seems desperately important but mean nothing. I was blissfully happy.

Then we were married, and bought a house, and had a baby, then we had another baby, and still more babies. Sometimes I was happy, sometimes I was sad, mostly I was living.

Then my kids pulled out my wedding photos and I remembered how happy I’d been in my big white dress with the bouquet that wasn’t the one I’d ordered.

I wasn’t just happy, I was grateful.

Before life got busy with other blessings, I was grateful to have that one. And I stopped in the middle of my messy living room with torn photo albums strewn around, to take a moment to be grateful.

Unless you hold onto that moment, the moment of gratitude, it’s easy to hurry off to chase the next rainbow. You have to train yourself to stop and feel the blessing. Thank God for His bounty. Remember the look in his eyes when he popped the question. Smell the roses that didn’t come with ferns. Hear your children’s laughter as they spot people they know in the pictures, even as you gather up the torn pages.

Yesterday, the long awaited third book, Camp in the Shadow, in my YA fantasy series came out. Long awaited by me, and by my fans who, in a wondrous blessing, are more than just my mother. Real people who’ve never met me, wrote to me asking where book 3 was.

Finally it’s right here on sale on Amazon.

And I’m taking a moment to be grateful, before I go back to writing book 4 and chasing the next rainbow.

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