Wait is the hardest answer

5040199394_8886bb3fb7_m My mother always says that God has three answers; Yes, No and Wait. Wait is the hardest.

And I’ve been waiting, and waiting and waiting, for the third book in my YA fantasy series (The Palace Saga) to come out.

First I wrote it. That part is a bit like giving birth, at first you think you can pace yourself and be in control of your creative process, but the closer it gets to the end, it all disintegrates into one mad push.

Then I send it to my wonderful editor, Amy Maddox. She looks over my baby and then sends it back to me nicely telling me all the things I did wrong.

So I look at my baby that took me months to create and willfully take an scalpel and amputate parts, a leg from here, a little of bit off the nose. Sometimes I hide the lost words in secret files on my laptop so I can feel that they weren’t lost forever. And I write new parts to fill in the gaps.

Finally when it is more perfect than I could imagine, I send it back to the editor. She polishes it further, finding all the places where my thoughts went faster than my ability to produce accurate typing.

When it’s so good and clean that I’m afraid to open the file in case I mess something up, I print it out and send it to the proofreader, who had some super human ability to find missed commas.

What comes back to me is a work of art. I send it to the only people I trust to make a cover worthy and to layout my story to be a beautifully formatted book.

Then I wait and eat my fingernails until it comes back to me, a butterfly brought forth from the caterpillar I originally wrote. I upload it to Amazon, and then squeal with joy as it comes online.

Camp in the Shadow will the fourth book I’ve published this year. It’s not a very complicated process but in every possible stage I’ve been delayed. This is the book I was hoping would be out in September. But God said No, not yet.

At each setback, I’ve said ‘Now Lord?”

And He said “No, not yet.”

I’ve gone back to biting my fingernails, apologizing to my readers for the delay, and hoping tomorrow will be the day.

I do know that this “No” is really a “Wait.” But my goodness, wait is the hardest answer.



Photo from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/calleephoto/504019939

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