Making the team

God is running the world. We have a tendency to remember when someone’s ill, when we buy a lottery ticket and when we’re hoping that cute guy in the gym will notice us. But what’s He doing when He’s not managing life and death, dispensing serious cash and running the course of true love?

He’s still running the world. It’s a 24/7 sort of job.

God’s a bit like the ER ward, there’s no such thing as a quiet day. And like the ER ward, we tend to forget He’s there until we need Him. Then we arrive at God’s door step dripping blood and demanding immediate service. And like the ER ward He gives it to us. Sometimes it’s all Band-Aids, extra kisses and a plaster cast for our friends to sign. But sometimes God has to pump our stomach. Then we complain bitterly and forget that we only got that treatment because we stupid enough to give ourselves alcohol poisoning.

The real goal is to get ourselves onto the staff at the heavenly ER. This is worth it for multiple reasons. God is awesome and well worth hanging around. And like a member of the ER staff, when you’re on the God team you’re part of something that matters, you become part of the solution.

The less altruistic part of being on the staff, is that then you get the fast track to heavenly assistance. Getting on the team is easy, all you have to do is remember who’s running the show and send all your problems over to the Boss.

Case in point: I’d been trying to get ahold of someone for weeks. I tried all the regular email, messaging, phoning type options and nothing was working. All I got was bland responses to try again later. This morning, I woke up and took a good hard look at the situation.

I said to God: “Listen You’re running the world. I need to see this chick. Can You just hook me up?”

So instead of going to work in my usual location, I went half an hour in the other direction and went to knock on this chick’s door. On the way over, I whipped out the Psalms to make quite sure I knew who was running the show. I wasn’t relying on the power of the internet, or peer pressure, or even common curtesy. I knew I was going to get my stuff taken care of because the Master of the World had my back.

I got to the door. Read the little plaque twice to make sure I was in the right place.

“It’ s only You,” I reminded myself in case I’d forgotten in the two minutes it had taken me to walk down the street.

I knocked.

No one answered.

I tried knocking again.

Still no one answered.

I tried peeking through the window. It was suspiciously dark inside. This was someone who should have been happily at work in the morning.

I looked up at heaven. “I know that You are running the world,” I said to God. “So if she’s not in there, when this is where she should be at 10am, then I accept that it’s by Your Grace and today is not the day this problem is getting sorted.”

I headed out of the building and went to find a coffee shop to get some work done.

A large soya latte later, the words were flowing nicely, so the morning wasn’t wasted. I was just finishing off the scene, when I glanced up at the line of people waiting to buy coffee.

And there she was!

The very chick who had the power to resolve my ongoing issue. She looked at me. I was staring like a preteen who just spotted Justin Bieber. I saw recognition dawn in her eyes.

She walked over to my table, and smiled. We confirmed that we both were who we thought we were. Then she sat down. And talked to me for half an hour, until my issue was solved.

I was ready to do a victory dance right then and there.

You could call it coincidence but I know better. Because when you remember who is the Boss then you put yourself on the team. And once you’re on the team, miracles happen.

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